I guide women on a journey of healing so they can create a life that they love, fully aligned with their true self.
A life filled with happiness, purpose, vibrant health and well-being.

Through embodiment of the Divine Feminine I share her wisdom and bring heart-healing to the world. We are all here to remember and re-connect to our essence of Love. I am simply a reflection of you. As we remember and embody the Divine Feminine in all its aspects, we are restoring love, peace and harmony to the world, and at long last, a balance between the masculine and the feminine energies. Together we rise.

An important part of my life’s purpose is to create sacred space in sisterhood for deep healing, connection and expression.
When women gather, magic happens!

Open your heart to the infinite possibilities life has to offer and believe you are worthy of receiving.

I look forward to assisting you on your path to wholeness!

With love,

Marita Maeland is a yoga teacher, energy healer and intuitive spiritual mentor who empowers women all around the world to take the journey inwards and awaken their own love, wisdom and strength.

She’s committed to creating a safe and loving space for her students seeking to inspire them to find stillness and acceptance and unite with their own true nature. She has a unique approach to her work, combining various modalities and techniques creating a powerful experience of the Divine.

She intuitively teach in a way that awaken wholeness, connection and love. By shining her light bright her intention is that others will see themselves reflected, and do the same.

A note from Marita:

I have learned the importance of living in alignment with my intuition and most authentic self. For many years I hid the parts of me that was longing to be free. In the pursuit of making everyone around me happy, I abandoned myself. I looked for love and approval in all the wrong places, placed myself on the bottom of the list, and let fear dictate my life.

Living out of alignment with who I was, for many years, left me confused, scared, lonely and resting in toxic relationships.

As I began the journey back home to myself I learned to use my subtle feelings as my primary guidance system.  I learned to trust myself, knowing that the answers, and that which I was seeking, lied within.
It’s the same for you.

Everything is energy and my work is merely about changing the way we see and think about this. By strengthening our energy flow, we change our life. As we raise our vibration, we open up to receive more. There is an endless flow of abundance available to us at any time. By cultivating habits that raise our vibration, we welcome in more. This vibration of pure joy, lightness, truth, grace, and most importantly, love, is the essence of who we are. We connect with it through nature, food, the breath, the sun, the moon, sleep, movement, experiences and relationships that uplift and nourish, taking the time to recharge through self-care, meditation, yoga and other practices.

Self-care is not a luxury, but a complete necessity in order to live a life in harmony and aligned with our soul. With that comes cultivating healthy boundaries, which are crucial to our well-being and our ability to live a high-vibe life!

All you need is within. You are already all that which you are seeking. The hero you are looking for, is you.