Marita is an angel who came into my life when I needed to find my true self. She welcomed me with open arms, like I had known her my whole life. She IS love, radiates love, is supportive and caring. In the Reiki class she is the same loving, caring, wonderful woman. It feels like getting to know something pure, something sacred.
Marita helped me find my way to my true self, meeting her was like coming home. I’m forever grateful for being so blessed to be able to have received Reiki knowledge from Marita. I believe it was my destiny to meet her at this time in my life and hope to get the chance to further deepen my Reiki practice with her.
Marita is an angel who vibrates love and kindness.
— Sigrun

Yoga has changed my life!
Marita, your teaching, your energy, your touch and your wisdom is a great gift to all of us! I wish I had started earlier in life because I would have been so much more happier! Yoga has helped me get mentally and physically healthy. You helped me by teaching me many techniques for strengthening body and mind. From the moment I came to the first yoga class, I knew that I was in the right place, at the right time, with the right teacher! I love you to the moon and back, and I miss you.
— Vaiva

Attending a Reiki training with Marita has been an amazing journey. Not only have I found confidence as a Reiki healer, but I have learned how to come closer to myself, my heart and create healthy boundaries in my life.
Marita is an intuitive teacher, guides from the heart and makes everyone feel seen and cared for. I left the course with such a sense of calmness knowing that there is no need to place expectations and pressure upon myself in my work as a healer, as everything will unfold perfectly. In between course I and II she gave us daily rituals to do, as a preparation for the upcoming course. This created healthy routines for me, which I am now taking with me going forward. Marita leads with the heart and uplifts everyone around her. I can highly recommend her Reiki training.
— Anette

Marita, your voice during Savasana was like the voice of an angel, and it spoke right to my heart. In life, everything can be a little chaotic (emotionally, physically, life experiences, pressure from society) but with you, I have found balance and peace. When I watched how you worked with all of us, you were so 100% present. Both in your yoga classes and reiki sessions. So professional. I am so sad that you had to leave, but I want other people do experience the same thing as I have.
Your secret is this: You love what you do. You love everyday. And I have learned that from you. As you have told me, everything I need is already within my heart. Thank you for coming into my life.
— Judita

It’s truly a blessing to spend time with Marita. She is inspired, authentic, and a beautiful heart-felt loving kindness is radiating from her at any time. Can’t wait for the next opportunity to connect with this amazing spirit
— Suyana

I attended Reiki training I and II held by Marita. She is a true person who is passionate with what she is teaching. Her knowledge and insight is such a blessing and she is therefore the best teacher. Her soft and gentle personality contaminates the room and gives us comfort and pleasure. I highly recommend Marita as a teacher
— Anne Grethe

I love Marita’s yoga classes. Marita teaches both vinyasa and relaxing yin/restorative yoga, and she create such a wonderful atmosphere. She is always so positive and happy. The best of all is that she uses Reiki and essential oils during Savasana which helps to ground and relax. I had an amazing experience of seeing light, and a feeling of leaving my body. I recommend her classes with all my heart.
— Raushan

I met Marita on a summer retreat she was teaching on, and what a wonder she is! Through her unique sensual yoga sessions she introduced me to Doterra and their beautiful essential oils and I am now completely hooked on them. I’ve now replaced many of the other horrible industrial and synthetic products I used to buy with something natural and healthful. Marita’s enthusiasm and glow is such an inspiration: she is an absolute picture of health, which must be due to her healthful lifestyle. Her balanced and alternative approach to well-being, and her continued advice and support with the Doterra oils has shifted so many of my low immunity issues, and I feel so much happier and more energized for it. I can’t recommend her workshops, classes and retreats enough if you are looking to positively revolutionize and transform your life. Thanks so much: if an essential oil could be extracted from a star it should be called Marita!
— Emma

Marita, from the first day I met you, you touched me so deeply. Attending your chakra course, combined with Reiki sessions, were the most magical experiences. I was walking on such a dark cloud, but you helped me find hope. I started to believe in myself all the while realizing that I am the one who is capable of making the changes that I want. I always feel your light, my love. You are the most magical person I have ever met, my guardian angel. I thank you for letting me be part of your wonderful journey, it means the world to me.
— Giedre