Welcome to eight weeks of self-discovery, healing and personal growth. The course is based upon the seven chakras, with first week being our intro and preparation week.  During our time together you will:

  • Gain a better understanding of your energy body, your thoughts and emotions, how integrated it all are and how it play out in your life

  • Discover parts about yourself you didn't know, or have been hiding, and get a greater understanding of who you are

  • Explore your own fears, limiting beliefs and insecurities and how they show up in your life

  • Get a safe space to come closer to your shadow sides, to feel and to release. Together we will move towards forgiveness of ourselves and others, practice the art of letting go and open up to the LOVE within

  • Embrace a clear vision of who you are and what you want to bring to this world. Start moving towards your dream life with steadiness, courage and grace

Everything you need has always been inside of you, and anything that we desire starts from within. You are the answer to what you are looking for. My work is not to heal you, but give you tools and awaken you to the greatest healer you will ever know: yourself.

Feel the freedom of complete surrender, let your heart open and return to who you are: Love


♥One Weekly Call
♥Weekly Worksheet
♥Private FB Group
♥Guided Meditations
♥Affirmations and Mantras
♥Journaling Exercises
♥Distance Reiki
♥Essential Oil Guidance and Education
♥Food Recipes
♥Sisterhood Support, Accountability and Love

BONUS: Everyone gets a FREE Tarot reading session at the end of the course to support you going forward

During the course you will develop practices to strengthen your connection to yourself. You will learn different techniques which will open and balance each chakra. You will deepen your meditation practice, receive healthy food recipes as well as learn how to integrate and work with essential oils. 

You'll expand your understanding of body and mind and work on creating powerful new beliefs that serve you. You are the creator your life and there are no limitations. Get ready to rewrite your story and make yourself proud!

And of course, you will connect with women all of the word and get your own personal cheer squad!!
Having a support group of women who love you, support you, inspire you, and hold you accountable is beyond valuable. We are all in this together!

By the end of our time together you have will the tools, the practice and the knowledge to live a life in balance, with confidence and clarity and a greater connection.

Change your energy - Change your life!

I am so excited to see you thrive, rise in empowerment, live from a place of radical self-love and emerge into a life filled with abundance, happiness, joy and love! 


Next course starts March 11 2019.
Spots are limited.


Highly recommend this course! I was unsure at first about Return to Love as I had not done much self-discovery work at the time, and maybe I was a little scared too. This course opened my heart, body and mind and like the name, I returned to love; loving myself and this world which can be filled with endless possibilities and so much beauty if we allow ourselves to see it. This course enabled me to create daily practices in my life that kept me grounded and connected to myself, and the universe. I thought I needed to travel to ‘find myself’ but all you need is a great mentor and you can start right now wherever you are in the world, and whatever situation you may be in.
Thank you Marita, you are a ray of sunshine!
— Zara Wech
This course was such an inspiration to me. I started to do things, that I had forgotten. I remembered my passions, and got such a strong support from Marita and the group to fulfill these. Marita is so dedicated to what she does, and you always feel her by your side throughout this journey. Every week was different, focusing on important aspects of our lives and providing tools to work with them till next week’s call. It has been an amazing experience. Thank you for your big and shiny heart, dear Marita. I love you, never stop shining!
— Giedre Ba