Heal the Heart Women’s Retreat

San Jose del Cabo, Mexico | March 26-31 2020

Welcome to a women’s only heart healing and empowerment retreat. This is a beautiful soulful journey designed to bring you back home to yourself and connect you to your innermost truth, power and wisdom. 


Marita exudes love, compassion and positive energy and it's contagious! She's an amazing woman that makes everyone feel comfortable and loved. After spending a week under her wing at her Heal The Heart retreat, I honestly feel that she's changed my life. As a woman that has mostly concentrated on physical health and wellness for years, I felt I was missing something in my life relating to self-love and connection to like-minded women. I was craving inner peace. During the retreat I met amazing women from all over the world, and I found the inner peace I so needed. She helped me realize that the anger and resentment that I had been feeling is a reflection of me not loving myself, and not forgiving myself and others in my life. How can I love others if I don't love myself? How can I move forward in my life without forgiveness and compassion?
Marita's methods worked so well for those of us that are new to yoga, meditation and self-exploration. Her gentle and consistent encouragement was so helpful in getting me to understand that so much of the anger and pain I was holding onto is routed in a lack of self-love. To heal myself I need to forgive both myself and others in my life. I have heard these words before, but she found a way to make them real for me. It finally made sense and rang true for me! She also gives you the tools and support to continue "the work" of transforming your life when you return home. She's a wonderful mentor and teacher who leads by example. Thank you sweet Marita for all that you do every day to help your sisters to heal their hearts and find self-love.
You're an inspiration. I love you

Kristine Bailey

I so thank you Marita, for an amazing Heal The Heart Women's Retreat. I was hoping for a "connection" with my sister who also went on the retreat, and I had hoped to connect in some way with the other women. What I did not expect was to feel such a heartfelt kinship to the wonderful group of women and to connect so deeply and honestly with myself. Every experience and every journey took me closer to revealing my true self, to revealing self acceptance. After wholehearted group dancing, I can now dance as never before - with a new found freedom. Marita slowly, in her kind and loving way peeled back the layers of youthful fears and self-doubt, leaving self-love, courage, self-acceptance and the need for self-expression. She and the other sisters were so encouraging throughout my personal journey. Finding more of my divine feminine self was an awakening. Through journaling, meditation, discussion, yoga, Reiki, dance, chanting and private time in magical Mexico my courage grew to find myself, to awaken my creativity.
I encourage you all to partake in this inspirational journey with amazing, loving Marita and like-minded sisters of all ages, from all over the world. It was a wonderful journey into self-love and divine sisterhood. 

Ellen Bailey

Being surrounded by like-minded women is such a powerful, life changing experience. Heal the Heart Retreat was a space where Marita created an environment full of magic and creation. Marita is the type of woman that radiates grace, wisdom, love and compassion. She led a week long retreat that covered so many areas from yoga, meditation to personal development, and provided the opportunity to build life-long sisterhoods. After this experience, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that my life has changed for the better. She brought out the WILD woman that is inside us all. Not only have her practices helped me heal deep, traumatic events, but through her leadership she assisted me in finding my path as a healer. After spending a week in Mexico, where we rode horses, saw whales so close you could almost touch them and danced around the bonfire, my life is forever changed. I am no longer a person defined by the rules that society and people imposed on me. I am my own WILD woman and forever connected to the soul sisters I found on this adventure. Thank you, Marita, for showing us that we are enough, and that our heart, that is where HOME truly is.

Marikka Zavas