My top five essential oils

My safe space..Keeps me grounded and brings harmony to body and soul. As a highly sensitive this blend forever changed my life. It gave me feelings of safety and security that I so longed for. Every morning. On the bottoms of my feet and over my heart. Before I sleep at night.
In the diffuser together with Wild Orange and Frankincense. Such a treasure!

Ohh it’s everything! It has a powerful effect on the nervous system, and promotes feelings of peace, safety and overall wellness. I use it together with other calming oils for sleep, as well as in my meditation.

For me, this oil feels like a warm, comforting blanket which reminds me that I am safe and always, always guided. It supports the healing of abandonment wounds. Frankincense brings me closer. To me and to what is far greater than me.

Frankincense is daily part of my skin care routine. I use it morning and evening to support healthy cellular function and immunity. It’s often referred to as the King of Oils, and it supports me in every area from reducing stress, healing skin irritation/wound/cuts, making my skin look amazing, supporting my lungs and respiratory system - it is just such a gift and heals every aspect of the body and mind

WILD ORANGE - The Oil of Abundance
Happiness. Joy. Abundance. Love. Creativity. I sprinkle a little bit of Wild Orange everywhere. It’s pure joy.

BERGAMOT - The oil of Self-Acceptance
Bergamot relief feelings of despair, low self-esteem and self-judgement, moving us towards self-love and self-acceptance. It cleanses the energetic system of negativity, restores optimism and unconditional confidence.

My new love. One drop under my tongue morning and evening to support my body on all levels, and whenever I feel tense/anxious. In the diffuser along with Serenity and Wild Orange. One drop in my moisturizer. Soothing for muscle and joint pain and calming for the entire body. Such a game changer!

Okay, I had to add one more! Jasmine, I like to refer to this oil as the Oil of The Divine Feminine. It reminds me to be soft in a world that can be hard, to choose grace when things get difficult and to flow and allow instead of force and struggle. It has done MAGIC for healing emotional wounds connected to love and intimacy. It soothes emotions, reduces stress and uplifts mood. It instantly shift me back to a state of harmony, trust and heart-connection.

I have written an entire blog post about this gem of an oil!