Support and Stability with Essential Oils

When everything is uncertain and nothing makes sense. When the only option is to move forward but you're not even sure how to. But one shaky step at the time. You go. 

My top three Doterra essentials oils to find support and stability during uncertain times:

Peace: I find a quiet place to be. I sit comfortably. I light a candle.
I put one drop Peace in palm, rub hands together and inhale. I close my eyes. 
Deep inhale. Hold. Slow exhale. I repeat.
I notice how my shoulders start to relax. My face.
My body is slowly letting go. A little. But just enough.
To make me stay.
Hands on my heart.
"Everything is going to be okay"
"I am peaceful. I choose peace"
"Everything is going to be okay"

Hands on knees. Soft breathing in and out through the nose. My body is completely relaxed now.
I continue to stay. I notice. How the external is constantly moving, holding fear and worries. 
It's all an illusion. It's not even real. It does not exist.
Only reality exist and the reality lies within. That which is eternal. 
I can feel it. I can see it. I am here. 
How could I ever have been somewhere else?

Balance: Keeps me grounded and brings harmony to body and soul.
Every morning. On the bottoms of my feet and over my heart. Before I sleep at night.
In the diffuser together with Wild Orange and Frankincense.

"I am protected. I am grounded. All I need is within me. All is well"

Frankincense: I cling to the truth like an anchor. I see everything for what it is.
The truth hurts but it sets me free, and I am never alone.
My safety. This oil. Like a warm, comforting blanket. 
Support feelings of abandonment.  
It brings me closer. To me. To what is far greater than me

"I am safe in this world. I am supported at all times"
"Everything is happening for my greatest good"
"I am growing. I am healing" 
"I am divinely guided at all times. I release all fears and doubts" 

"All is well"